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Despite the unpredictable British climate, outdoor entertaining has grown rapidly in popularity, with homeowners increasingly customising part of their garden to eat, drink and be merry. Geared towards evening entertainment a key component of any exterior sitting/ dining area needs to be lighting. On a very basic level, outdoor lighting for entertainment needs to be […]

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When installing outdoor lighting a careful design can enhance security as well as add a designer finish to a building. While interior lighting is a necessary consideration, outdoor lighting should always be taken into account as it can add great functionality to a property by making areas safer and easier to use. An outdoor lighting […]

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Do you work with schools? Summer is a time for maintenance As we’re currently experiencing a heat wave, many schools, colleges and universities have just one thing on their minds…SCHOOL’S OUT. That maybe so but that also means downtime for essential maintenance to be carried out before the new term starts! For that reason we’ve […]

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