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LED lighting must be cost effective long-term, offer brand value and deliver quality and efficiency.  We can show you how …

LED Lighting survey

You can take advantage of a thorough lighting survey of your/clients’ premises to determine exactly what lighting options are currently installed.

Depending on what your premises is utilised for i.e. retail store, warehouse or offices, and the current lighting requirements throughout a 24-hour/weekly period, we will recommend suitable LED or energy efficient replacements.

Your tailored survey will accurately pinpoint current usage and costs, taking into consideration average lifetime of products and maintenance costs.

Your final report will calculate the initial investment, the payback period and the cost savings over an annual timeframe.

Staff were really friendly and helpful went out of their way to get me what I needed highly recommended.

Electrical Contractor, Cannock   

Luminance Metre

A calibrated luminance or illuminance metre with a range of sensitivity readings will measure differing light levels. Plotting a grid measurement system over the surveyed space combined with the light readings will provide an accurate record to work with.

5-year warranty

All LED lighting products come with a 5-year warranty. Our preferred ranges are known for their longevity and you will find that they will last up to 25-years, dependent on burn hours.

Payback spreadsheets

Would you like to know what the return on investment from LED lighting is?

Do you know what existing lighting is used?

Estimate the cost of your lighting project and the potential financial and efficiency savings using our payback calculator – talk to us today on 01543 273840.

Energy Management Contract

If you have purchased an LED lighting solutions from us, you can benefit from a free energy management contract, which also include support and maintenance.

A share of the profit gained, as a result of savings accrued due to this upgrade, is used as payback and is paid to us within an agreed timeframe.

At the end of this timeframe, the customer is given complete ownership of their retrofit LED lighting system and they also keep all of their payback.

A fair deal we think you will agree.

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