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G2 Electrical Wholesale Hyatt Hotel Bridget Street Birmingham

Hyatt Hotel Bridge Street Birmingham – LED Efficiency

The Job

To improve the lighting efficiency and luminescence of 319 bedrooms and public spaces within a luxury 4-star city centre hotel.

The Approach

All lighting units were replaced with high-performing LED technology tubes and lamps to eradicate the ‘patchy shadowing’ appearance and to create brighter, warmer atmosphere.

The Outcome

The new fittings provide a consistent, even spread of light, which creates a crisper definition of furnishings including carpet and wall covering patterns. This gives the illusion of a much larger space filled with natural light in the public areas, especially the conference rooms.

The bedrooms benefited from warm colour temperature lighting in line with the luxurious and friendly appeal for the hotel brand.

The Benefits

Reduced energy consumption by over 80%.