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Spring cleaning is all about clearing out for a fresh start and letting the light back in after winter, which makes it a prime time for homeowners to consider updating key rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen.

While a thorough spring clean can restore the shine to bathrooms and kitchens these rooms will never truly gleam if the lighting does not fit the purpose.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations always feature heavily on lists of priorities and it is important that homeowners know their options when it comes to lighting.

The right lighting can really bring a room alive and set the mood and tone of the living space as well as aid functionality. This dual purpose of aesthetically stunning but practical lighting is exactly what is needed in kitchen and bathrooms.

For kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters project-managing an installation, incorporating the right lighting in the design will help to create a finish that delivers the added wow factor.

Cook up a stunning finish with stylish kitchen lighting

Planning in the lighting for a kitchen should be done at the design stage to make sure all options remain feasible.

The prime function of a kitchen is preparing food so task lighting should be the main concern. Whereas centralised lighting can leave food preparation areas in shadow, downlighting shines light exactly where it is needed; on worktops. Downlights added strategically to the ceiling can work well as task lighting while cabinet downlights are extremely efficient.

When choosing cabinet lighting consider the role that LED striplights can play in providing discreet but effective lighting, which can be warm or cool depending on the customer’s preference.

Low level pendant lighting is another popular choice in kitchens to create a cosy ambience as well as much needed light for dining areas.

Where kitchens act as a hub for the home and are used for dining, socialising and cooking the ability to shift the focus of light is ideal. Dimmer switches or separate circuits that allow lighting to remain on the dining table for example while the background is kept darker will create a relaxing atmosphere.

Working towards creating a socialising space, accent lighting can help to keep key areas lit while creating background ambiance. Plinth lighting on an island or LED uplighters on the top of cupboards will add to this.

Cupboard-top uplighting can also help to counter problems with natural night by helping light to bounce off the ceiling.

How bathroom lighting improves functionality

Like the kitchen, bathroom lighting must consider function as well as form. A bathroom cast in dark moody light may work for a relaxing bath but will present problems when looking in the mirror.

Wall lighting around sinks and mirrors works well to shut out shadows, while LED lighting incorporated into the fittings will add essential light.

For general lighting, downlights in the ceiling will look stylish while distributing the light evenly and can even incorporate a discreet extractor fan.

Fitted as dimmer lights, ceiling lights will bridge the gap between having low-level and bright lighting in the bathroom.

To add extra interest and ambience LED strip lighting can be added to key features, such as cupboards or the bath panel.

When looking for lighting that makes your bathroom sparkle after a spring clean, cool LED lighting will certainly help.

Update a kitchen or bathroom with electrical upgrades

Rather than leave outdated lighting in place when fitting a kitchen or bathroom, consider the impact well thought out lighting could have in making a room seem bigger, lighter and more stylish – as well as improving the functionality.

When planning how electrical fittings can enhance the design of a kitchen or bathroom think how else the room could benefit from electrical upgrades or features.

Heated floors are an excellent, minimalist solution for heating these heavily used rooms where space is precious. What about wiring accessories, such as sleek plug sockets that include USB ports or a replacement bathroom light pull?

Could a noisy bathroom fan be fitted with a quieter, more discreet version?

At G2 Electrical Wholesale our friendly team is always on hand to advise you on what products are available and how they could complement your kitchen or bathroom design. Sourcing products to meet your specification is a speciality of ours.

If you are unsure of where to begin in designing a lighting scheme G2 can draw up a lighting design including details of full payback scales and energy saving options.

Contact G2 to chat to a member of our team about what products are available to make your plans fit perfectly.

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