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Do you work with schools?

Summer is a time for maintenance

As we’re currently experiencing a heat wave, many schools, colleges and universities have just one thing on their minds…SCHOOL’S OUT.

That maybe so but that also means downtime for essential maintenance to be carried out before the new term starts!

For that reason we’ve pulled together some essential light fittings, emergency tubes, lamps, LEDs, fire safety equipment and convenience supplies to help you with those ‘tight window’ education jobs.

Please click here to purchase or call 01538 283840 for more details. There’s plenty more we can get you fixed up with.

  • 2D lamp 2pin 16w £ 2.00 each and 2D lamp 4pin 28w £2.50 each
  • Ascan Smoke Canister Smoke Detector £12.95
  • Hand Dryer £36.50
  • Ecozap Insect Killer 13w £45.95
  • Empower Emergency Downlight LED 3hr NM 3w £22.50
  • Exit Box c/w Legend NM LED ip20 £24.95
  • Twin Spot Emergency LED IP20 £39.95
  • Florescent starters 4-65w £0.42 4-22w £0.75 100-125w £0.82
  • LED replacement lamps £19.50
  • Emswing LED Exit Sign LED IP20 £23.79
  • Emergency bulk head 8w NM £13.00 and M version £13.50
  • Lamps 2ft T8 18w 840 £1.20 each
  • Lamps 4ft T8 36w 840 £1.50 each
  • Lamps 5ft T8 58w 840 £1.65 each
  • Lamps 6ft T8 70w 840 £3.20 each

So if you work with schools, call 01543 283840 today for stock checks, prices and alternatives.

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