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Standards and trust are vital in the electrical industry and as the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations comes into force it makes sense to undertake the latest electrician training as soon as possible.

From January 2019 all electrical design work will have to comply with the update. Taking part in an 18th Edition course in Cannock or Hednesford will ensure there are no gaps in your knowledge.

While a couple of amendments have been made to the 17th Edition – introduced in 2008 – it is the first major update to the regulations in over a decade.

Make sure your electrician training is up to date

With safety and efficiency being at the centre of the regulations the need to make sure your electrician training is up to date is obvious.

Stretching back to 1882, the IET Wiring Regulations are designed to keep customers and suppliers safe.

When searching for an electrician, consumers expect the best – the latest skills and the highest standards to allow them to feel safe in their home or workplace.

Completing the 18th Edition course needed to be compliant and up-to-date with the regulations update will be expected. Don’t take a chance and fall short of expectations, make sure your training is up to date – and the sooner the better.

18th Edition course Cannock

Maintaining standards

Trusted traders are a byword in quality, once that position is earned why let it slip?

As well as bringing in updates to protect against the danger of overvoltage, the 18th Edition includes refreshed fire prevention guidelines.

Significantly it also addresses energy efficiency, which is likely to become more of an issue in the coming years. With concerns about the impact of climate change, the 18th Edition covers increasing and grading energy efficiency.

With more firms eager to cut their energy use and homeowners increasingly switched on to eco-friendly lifestyles, the demand for energy efficient installations will no doubt increase.

18th Edition course in Cannock and Hednesford

The 18th Edition Course is the place to start. Undertaking electrician training in this important development will stand traders in good stead for the future.

Rather than just being aware of the changes, displaying a sound understanding and mastery of the updates through the 18th Edition Course will allow you to work with confidence – and inspire confidence in you.

To join an 18th Edition course in the Cannock or Hednesford area contact G2 Electrical Wholesale Ltd.

18th Edition course Cannock

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