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Consumer experiences translate to sales and creating the right ambience and environment with retail lighting is central to this.

How lighting can create a better retail experience

How lighting can create a better retail experience

From directing shoppers through the store to highlighting luxury items, retail lighting needs to be an integral part of the interior design process.

More than just a source of illumination, retail lighting can set the tone for your brand and create an enjoyable shopping – and workplace experience.

While many sales are made online, the physical bricks and mortar shopping experience is still hugely important in driving sales through brand loyalty and awareness.

To compliment online accessibility, experiential marketing works to let shoppers identity with a brand and find inspiration in the retail environment.

Retail lighting has an important part to play in creating this experience.

How can lighting improve a retail environment?

Lighting technology operates at the cutting edge and there is little that cannot be achieved aesthetically.

Different colours, lighting temperatures and built-in design-led displays are within easy reach but how will these benefit your store and foster sales?

Create an atmosphere – Lighting is the main element in creating an in-store ambience. Whether it warm tones to accentuate quality and comfort, or sharp blue lighting to promote a cutting edge, such as for technology, carefully chosen retail lighting will compliment interior design to achieve the desired effect.

Highlight products – Make the products that you want to sell stand out. Creative solutions make shining a spotlight on a high-end products or lines that need promoting for faster sales so much more than just that. Halo effect shelving, up-lighting or a wall wash will pull customers’ attention to key products without needing to resort to the hard sell.

Direct shoppers – Make shopping the experience you would have in mind for shoppers by using lighting as a subtle guide through the store. Setting a logical route through the store will offer connections between products and help shoppers enjoy the optimal retail experience.

Set the tone for your brand – Cool and calm, sophisticated muted tones or warm and inviting – these effects are all achieved by lighting. Make the most of your window display to pull shoppers in by setting a tone for your brand.

Use colour temperature to make items stand out – Different colour temperatures help to make other colours stand out and enhance their appearance. Warm white lighting can make reds appear more vibrant while cool white lighting will make blues stand out. This will emphasise brand colours as well as individual products.

Rather than make shoppers feel trapped in a harsh light just to illuminate products, let lighting draw consumers in and make them want to stay with a smarter approach.

With LEDs offering greater energy efficiency your choice of retail lighting can also help to cut costs and reaffirm a commitment to an eco-friendly ethos. Using the right lighting has a proven track record in reducing “returned goods” numbers in clothing outlets.

To create a retail experience that converts to sales and brand loyalty chose lighting that creates the environment shoppers expect.

For more information on retail lighting please get in touch with G2 Electrical.

How lighting can create a better retail experience

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