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G2 Electrical benefits of outdoor lighting

When installing outdoor lighting a careful design can enhance security as well as add a designer finish to a building.

While interior lighting is a necessary consideration, outdoor lighting should always be taken into account as it can add great functionality to a property by making areas safer and easier to use.

An outdoor lighting scheme can often be all that is needed to lift a property to become visually stunning.

Making the most of outdoor lighting

A strategically lit property will use outdoor lighting to create a warm, stylish and inviting atmosphere and with developments in LED lighting there is a huge range of choice.

When assessing the lighting needs of a property always extend the process to outdoor lighting and consider:

Key design features – strategically placed outdoor lighting can draw focus to these whether they are garden water features, architectural highlights or stunning plants.

Safety –well lit entrances to the property including doorsteps, driveways and paths benefit from increased visibility making these areas safer to use in darkness and giving visitors, owners or workers peace of mind.

Extending the living area – outdoor lighting that compliments the interior of a property will help to provide a seamless transition from indoor kitchen/ diners into patios, making the garden an integral part of the home. 

Outdoor lighting: Safety first

A key consideration when installing external lighting at a property has to be the suitability of the fittings to cope with the environment. Outdoor lighting needs to be able to withstand moisture, in particular, and a robust design will help lights to withstand accidental knocks or movement as a result of the weather.

LED lighting is ideally suited to the task when it is housed in a resilient plastic cover giving it the protection that is needed from the elements, whether that is the wind or rain. Specialist low voltage that is made purposely for use in outdoor lighting will reduce any danger associated with adding lighting to a garden.

Due to the possibility of water and soil or dust coming into contact with outdoor lighting it is advisable to choose lighting with an IP (ingress protection) rating of 65, although this can be lower in areas that are protected from the elements.

In terms of personal safety, outdoor lighting makes a must have addition to a home or workplace. Well-lit entrances make people feel safer, while subtle lighting can be used to eliminate dark corners.

Using low level, warmer lighting rather than bright lights will help to avoid creating additional darks space, creating an open and secure outdoor area.

As well as being a crime deterrent, outdoor lighting can be used to highlight paths and steps to reduce the potential for falls.

Outdoor lighting design

In addition to serving a safety function, lighting paths and steps adds to welcoming ambience by creating a natural and subtle flow to the front door and helping to illuminate the exterior.

Whether you are working alongside a gardener to create a show-stopping residential garden, want to bring extra security to the exterior of a property or are installing lighting into an outdoor eating area at a bar or restaurant G2 can assist you in producing a tailor-made design that is fit-for-purpose as well as providing a payback scheme.

As an electrical wholesaler G2 has extensive experience in working with electricians and companies to draw up lighting designs as well as source specific lighting requirements.

For advice on the best outdoor lighting equipment or to find out more about our lighting design service contact G2 to chat to a member of the team.

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