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Sprucing up the home?

They say that the kitchen and bathroom are the biggest selling points of a house.

We’ve all done it, walked around a prospective house to price up a job or because you were looking to upsize or move location. All appears fine and dandy, good solid structure, great bedroom sizes and then the last door opens and urrgh…is that supposed to be a bathroom? Revenge of the Avodaco 80s Fever springs to mind.

Not to worry. Whether you’re looking to completely rip out the old bathroom suite, pull out the kitchen cabinets and start a fresh or to add a smattering of modern mood lighting and contemporary sockets and switches, we’ve got you covered with our October offers.

You’ll be adding value to that house in no time and customers and visitors alike won’t be able to resist the efficiency and ambience of new your LED tech!

Call 01543 283840 today for stock checks, prices and alternatives, and let’s get you and your customers well and truly moving into the 21st Century!


Choose from a variety of colours and luminescence

Ideal for contemporary office environments and residential dwellings.

Save on energy, long term cost and improve room ambience with the latest LED technology for new schematics or retrofit projects.

Call 01543 273840 to learn about the options.


LED Light Bar

A super easy way to change the colour and mood of a room

Perfect for adding a splash of colour under furniture units or ceilings and to highlight prominent features within a room.

Simply pick a colour, a length and away you go!

Call 01543 273840 or click here to request more information.


More great offers from G2 Electrical Wholesale

Call 01543 273840 or click here to request more information.

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