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Autumn is here

And with it comes the darker nights and cooler temperatures drawing in

You may have already noticed a difference with this turbulent weather and the nights becoming much darker and faster – or so it always seems.

It’s time to be quick and get a head start on those important jobs before the daylight hours become limited.

We’ve pulled together a few essentials to help keep you warm as you start to root out that extra jumper or fleece overcoat.

And not only do we want you and your customers to stay warm, we also want you to be able to see properly whilst you’re at work!

Call 01543 283840 today for stock checks, prices and alternatives, and let’s get you and your customers secure!


Underfloor Heating

Free design options available

Ideal for new office environments or residential dwellings.

Save on space and benefit from modern innovative underfloor heating for new builds, large-scale schematics or retro-fit projects.

Call 01543 273840 to learn more.


Underfloor Heating Mat

The most simplistic way to add underfloor heating

Perfect for small office spaces and residential dwellings.

There’s no need for heavy building work anymore with this super easy underfloor heating mat. Easy to install, easy to operate, easy to sample today!

Call 01543 273840 to learn more.


Portable Heater

The quick, simple alternative source of heating

Perfect for small office spaces, old buildings with poor heating or for temporary heating provision.

Keep the office warm or provide a quick and sufficient source of heat in areas that don’t have a full central heating provision.

Call 01543 273840 or click here to request more information.


LED Floodlight

Light up your way

Ideal for outdoor working environments, security provision or a simple means to light a walkway.

Utilising the latest in LED technology, the presence detector LED Floodlight is a great addition to outer buildings for security and visibility.

Plus, if you need to light up your way before finishing work, they will keep the daylight shining for a little longer!

Call 01543 273840 or click here to request more information.

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