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Can you believe it’s June already? 

Here are our latest promotions for you to sink your teeth into…

Fibreglass Swingback steps

  • Available in 4-10 tread
  • Large non slip treads
  • Certificate EN131 electrically insulated 150kg
  • Useful tool tray included
  • Rubberfeet for stability
  • Lightweight but extraordinarily robust

Specials on the following sizes:
6 Tread £54.00 plus Vat
8 Tread £75.00 plus Vat

Other Offers

  • Duracell batteries

Have you checked your alarm batteries? Put it on your to do list – you don’t want them failing and catching you unawares.

  • Emergency Assist

Feel safe in your home with the latest Emergency Assist products.

  • IET books

Keep up to date on the latest regulations

  • Cable rolls and cable glands

Don’t forget the essentials! Fire cable and glands also go hand in hand with our last breakfast morning with d line fire clips in stock.



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