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It’s official, essentials for caravans are needed as Springtime is finally here!

The weather may be a little unsettled at the moment but at last Springtime has decided to arrive and along with it, come family adventures to the static caravan by the seaside or an exciting trip to the unknown in the touring caravan.

Now is the time to dust off your caravan, give it a well-earned spring clean and check that everything works ready for the joyful experiences that lie ahead. That said, you’ll need to be sure that you have all of those essentials to keep the water flowing, the lights working, the heat (god forbid should you need it) available, along with the safety precautions and niceties that make your caravan a real home to home.

With that in mind we’ve pulled together a few essential items we think you may need for your exciting journey ahead.

Special Offers for May for Essentials for Caravans

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FREE DELIVERY AVAILABLE IN THE LOCAL CANNOCK AND SURROUNDING AREAS – please call 01543 273840 to check if you qualify. Standard delivery charge £9.99 if not.

Organising a caravan holiday takes careful preparation and it is important to think safety, comfort and simplicity.

Caravan Sites

For safety reasons, caravan sites have to be well lit at night, but not intrusive. Bollard lighting and lights that insert at low level in brick walls and on steps are ideal to light your way.

Touring Vans

Touring caravans are often loveable homes from homes for owners and tastes are extremely personal inside. Be sure to stock up on your essentials, such as torches, luxurious sockets, led lighting strips, rechargeable lights, first aid kits and fire safety.

But space is at a premium, so you’ll be looking for anything compact and low energy as some smaller sites you venture onto may not have a mains hook-up and you’ll need to everything run from a battery.

Static Vans

You’ve climbed the caravaning ladder when you’ve secured a static caravan on a haven park near the coast or in the middle of the tranquil countryside. There are still some essentials required to maintain your creature comforts. Choose anything low energy because even though you’ll be hooked into the mains you’ll probably still be issued with an electric bill!

Choose from a variety of fit for purpose lights for display units, behind a pelmet, uplights and downlights to create relaxing, subtle moods. Static caravans have low ceilings and are an average of 12ft wide, so normal lighting (that you’d have in your lounge or kitchen at home) is just too bright and in-your-face; use your lighting to create a gentler, all round illumination.

Outside, remember those chilled out decking areas for those warm sunny days in summer and the BBQ Al Fresco dining with friends and family. You may want to light your decking and garden area as you relax into the night and to light your way as you come and go in the evening. LED lights are perfect for lighting the way on your steps.

Safety Measures

And what’s most important is the safety of your friends and family, especially those little ones who have a riot when on holiday away from school and ‘normal’ life. You’ll need a fire blanket or compact extinguisher, just in case the bacon burns a little too strong, and a carbon monoxide/smoke detector for the times it may not be so obvious that something is amiss. And of course, you’ll need a first aid kit for those nips and nicks if the kids trip up the steps or run a little wild when helping out with the BBQ salad!

What ever you need, at G2 Electrical Wholesale, we’ll have it in stock.

Pop in, call 01543 273840 or click the above special offer equipment to secure our May deals.

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