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Sensory LED Lighting for the Dream Room

At the end of 2012 we supported the development of a calming sensory room at a Staffordshire primary school to help children’s transition into a new class using sensory LED lighting.

The Positive Play room at Chadsmoor Community Infants & Nursery school in Cannock provides an out of classroom relaxing, sensory area. Equipped with aromatherapy, music and low colour changing L.E.D lighting, all designed to help children relax and feel confident about themselves.

G2 Electrical Wholesale contributed the sensory LED lighting free of charge. JWS Builders provided services and labour free of charge. The room took six weeks to complete and was created for just £500.

Paul Bradbury, Director of G2 said “We put together a sensory LED lighting design based on the objectives so that it would be a calming, soothing environment. We are very proud to be part of the programme, which has great benefits of the next generation”.

“We were extremely privileged to be invited to take part in such an exciting new venture at Chadsmoor Community Infants and Nursery School. Creating a stimulating, pleasurable environment that will provide children with a special experience,” explained Simon Dawwes of JWS.

The Dream Room helps children who struggle with change or have low self-esteem, as well as those dealing with issues such as bereavement and parents separating. Upon entering the Dream Room children refer to a ‘feelings and emotions’ board. By means of pictures they can show how they are feeling. Staff are in control, however everything is directed towards the individual child’s needs with the choices of educational games they are offered.

Work, actions and achievements within the Dream Room are reinforced within the classroom and children are already interacting better with teachers and their school peers.

The Dream Room has been in use since September 2012. There will be an official launch with invited local council members and school governors in the New Year. This will take place when the scheme within Chadsmoor Community Infants and Nursery school has been accredited.


The concept is part of the Positive Play Support Programme, established in Derbyshire and jointly working with SENSS, Lichfield and Cannock. The scheme is designed to help children feel special. To enable children to express and communicate their feelings, feel good about themselves, raise their self-esteem and improve their social skills in a reliable, safe and supportive environment. In the Derby region 90% of schools are accredited for Positive Play but in Staffordshire it is only 35%.

Targets are set from Boxall profile results and progress is assessed on a regular basis. This ensures children are benefiting from the Dream Room experience.

Parents of children accessing the programme have been invited to visit the Dream Room and they are already aware of the positive impact it is having on their children.

For more information about sensory LED lighting or LED lighting payback schemes please contact the team on 01543 273840 or email us here.


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